The Best Trail Running Shoes That You Won’t Regret to Buy

Trail running shoe is a pair of shoe which is used for sports that consist of hiking and running over trails. There are various choices of trail running shoes that you can choose. So, what are the best trail running shoes on the market? There is some most popular trail running shoes from the leading manufacturers that will be mention below. Before we jump to what are the best trail running shoes, maybe you should know how to choose trail running shoes that fit your foot.

Best Trail Running Shoes 2017

1. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 3
Terra Kiger probably one of the most popular shoe models. Nike has a shoe which placed in the list of best trail running shoes. The shoe is the great fit, lightweight, super protective, and low profile. This Nike shoe is perfect on difficult terrain because it can run fast.

Nike Air Zoom Kiger 3

2. Pearl iZUMi Trail EM N2 V3
Perhaps EM N2 V3 is everyone’s favorite shoe because of its high performance. Although the shoe is more expensive than previous years but the shoe is very stable, durable, and good underfoot protection. This shoe is worth the price.

Pearl Izumi Trail N2 v3

3. HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 2
This shoe is not very sensitive and durable as the previous one, but this shoe is considered as one of best trail running shoes because of it superior foot protection. The shoe is very comfortable to wear, stable, very light and has tons of comfy cushioning at a bottom light.

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 2


4. The North Face Ultra Endurance
With the cheaper price compare to best trail running shoes above, the shoe is great as an everyday trainer. Although it’s cheap but it’s durable, comfortable, and very protective.

The North Face Ultra Endurance

5. ALTRA Superior 2.0
Altra trail running shoe is improved with sidewall durability, it has wide toe box and also zero drops.

ALTRA Superior 2.0

Choose the road

Choose the perfect trail running choose based on your needs or the road. Most trail runners will choose the shoes which are comparable to the road. Many shoe manufacturer makes trail running shoes which can complement a road shoe. A good trail running shoe is durable enough for the trails and protective, yet still comfortable to wear on the road. The most successful one is hybrid shoes because it can use for more than one application such as run to the trails or run around the city.

Wear the most comfortable one

Wear shoes that feel the most comfortable to you is essential. When you wearing trail running shoes in the dirt and kicking a rock it is less painful and also less slippery. But, again, choose shoes which are most comfortable for you. When you walk in terrain, the most comfortable shoes is road shoe but when it rains you wear waterproof running shoes because the shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Count far you will run

If you’re an ultrarunner, then you will always wear trail running shoes. After few hours of running, your feet will swell and an extra room in your shoe is very necessary.